AQUARIA 2021 Calendar


After a seemingly endless cycle of confusion and hopelessness, I have rediscovered a reason to live in the present and the value of keeping track of each day.  Experience an era of new beginnings as Aquaria explores glamour, creativity, and style in her 2021 Calendar.

The Standard 8.5'' x 11'' wall calendar features 32 full-color pages, including double-sided front and back covers, 12 individual months, and a beautiful centerfold poster.

The Deluxe Edition comes with the 2021 Calendar as well as a signed 8x10 print of Aquaria by Tanner Abel exclusive to the Deluxe Edition.

Expected to ship mid-December.

Please note, some images may contain moderately mature content.


Photography by Tanner Abel

Assistance by Nicholas Needham

Styling & Direction by Aquaria